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Brett Favre: NFL QB, MVP, Hall of Fame

Brett Favre had an incomparable level of talent and love for the game that was evident throughout his entire career. However, it’s important to note that on top of those things, he had an incomparable mindset. One that led him to win the Superbowl. One that led him to win NFL MVP three times. One that led him to play one of the most spectacular games in his career following the death of his father.

A documentary reviewing Favre’s career touches upon the mindset that let Favre to success. Notably, there are several similarities between Favre’s mindset and the Pro Mindset® as described by veteran NFL agent Craig Domann. Let’s delve into this comparison.

Winning Habits

“He played risky. He was always going to do something crazy if it meant he could pull off a win.”

Favre’s play was often described as creative. During games, he would create plays in order to bring him team to victory. Favre did whatever he needed to do in order to win, as his wife, Deanna Favre, recounts above. That’s why he’s a legend. Nothing could stop him from getting the win. While other players may be stumped if no rehearsed plays seem to work during the game, it wasn’t a problem for Favre – he just created new ones.

Winning habits are one of the seven keys to the Pro Mindset, and it’s evident that Favre had a strong grasp of this. Whatever obstacle came his way during a game, Favre was prepared to tackle it. His winning habits are what defined his play, led him to many victories, and ultimately, what led him to be recognized as the legend he is today.


“Brett had that feeling in his body that he was not going to be second to anything. He was going to be number one, and he always plays that way.”

As described by his father, Irvin Favre, Brett never doubted himself. He entered every single game of his career believing that he was going to win. With this mindset, he was able to overcome the most difficult obstacles, the most competitive opponents, and the most challenging games.

Belief is a crucial aspect of the Pro Mindset. Talent and skill essential, but athletes that go down in history as legends like Brett Favre all had belief as well. When an athlete has belief, it shows in their performance. While talent and skill are what physically allowed Favre to make his spectacular plays, without his belief, he wouldn’t have been able to execute them.

Two of the seven keys of the Pro Mindset, belief and winning habits, are crucial pieces of Favre’s mentality for success. To learn more about Pro Mindset and how you can apply it for success in your own life, check out Pro Mindset Podcast here.

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