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Meet Craig...

NFL Agent, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Husband, and Dad

Craig has been a registered NFLPA Member Contract Advisor since 1990, he has negotiated more than a billion dollars in contracts for more than 200 NFL athletes.  He is a sports attorney that also represents NFL athletes and college and NFL coaches. Click here to learn more


“While representing successful NFL athletes and pro and college football coaches, I’ve learned the Pro Mindset (secret sauce) that separates the Pro Bowlers from everyone else."


“I am transparent and dive into the head space, beliefs and mental approach that is the common denominator of elite performers.  I like to share these winning secrets with clients and business people so that they can discover how they can find their Pro Mindset and live a life in the zone!”


Craig has enjoyed helping young men achieve their dreams that has impacted the players and their families.  “There is no greater joy than advising and counseling a young man through his career so he maximizes his opportunity and his career.”


Craig earned undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Kansas and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 1990.  Craig entered the athlete representation business because he wanted to follow his passion (sports, football, competition and winning).


Craig currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Teddi.  He has three children, two sons, JoJo & Brock, playing D1 college football and a daughter, Rylee, who is an actress, singer and dancer in LA.  Craig’s hobbies include cycling, hiking, golf, and watching his kids perform whether on the stage or on the football field.


“What I like most about the business is helping people achieve their dreams, provide financial security for themselves and their families, and make a difference.  Everyone has a dream but not everyone knows the smartest path to get there. Pro Mindset is a proven mental approach to maximizing your career!”

Craig Domann

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