Join Craig Domann on this journey as he interviews successful athletes, coaches, and professional football execs, so you can discover how you can find your Pro Mindset and live a life in the zone!

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Meet Host: Craig Domann

NFL Agent, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Husband,

and Dad

Craig has been a registered NFLPA Member Contract Advisor since 1990, he has negotiated more than a billion dollars in contracts for more than 200 NFL athletes.  He is a sports attorney that also represents a number of college and NFL coaches.

Pro Spotlight

Mike Minter

Campbell Head Coach, Former NFL Athlete

“Every game has a story, and I believe it's up to the coaches to figure out what type of story the game is going to be. Then, you explain it to your players- is it going to be a thriller, a drama, a horror story, or something else?

Michael Lehan 
High School Principal, Former NFL Athlete

“Heading into college, you have to humble yourself and understand that you are not the know-it-all. There's people that are bigger, stronger, faster than you, and your coaches have years of experience-sometimes you need to defer to them for success.”

Steve Fairchild

QB Guru, longtime NFL & College Coach

“Sometimes I think we make too big a deal of a Tom Brady or Lebron James type of player being able to carry a team. For the most part, elite QBs are still in good situations, with good players around them and good coaching that helps them get to that level.”






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