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The "GOAT" Tom Brady Crushes Pro Mindset!

There is no player who has defined success in the NFL as well as Tom Brady. With 6 Super Bowl victories in 9 appearances, he is the gold standard for what a quarterback can achieve in the game of football. Tom Brady also sets an incredible example of an athlete who perfectly embodies the components of a Pro Mindset®. Between belief, passion, motivation, training, lifestyle, habits, and gametime performance, there is not a single aspect of the Pro Mindset in which Tom Brady would score a grade anything lower than an A+. One of the most impressive parts of Tom Brady’s mindset has been his ability to maintain it for so many years. For a player to perform at the absolute highest level from the time they are just starting out in their early 20s, all the way into their 40s, the need for discipline and drive are essential. This is exactly what Brady has accomplished over the last 20 years. His belief in himself, his love for the game, his perseverance, and his unwavering dedication to making sure his performance is nothing less than stellar in every minute of every game has allowed him to become a nearly larger than life athlete over the course of his NFL career.

Quote : “He didn’t have to work - he could do anything because of what he has accomplished. But he had the uncanny and rare ability to keep football first.” --Craig Domann

It is undeniable that if he so desired, Tom Brady would never need to work another day in his life. He has seemingly done it all, broken dozens of records, acquired an impressive cabinet of trophies, and established himself in many people’s minds as the greatest quarterback of all time, and yet his thirst for success is still not satisfied. This is a testament to Brady’s inspiring love for the game of football. For anyone to put as many thousands of hours of training and effort into something as grueling as football, they need to have a deep love for what they are doing. His passion for the game not only shows itself in his unwillingness to quit, but also in his almost unbelievable success. Not only has he won everything, he has won everything many times over! Yet he keeps coming back season after season, still hungry for more. This is exactly what makes Tom Brady an inspiration example of Pro Mindset, and someone whose passion for their craft deserves to be admired.

Quote: “To have superhero belief you have to have a belief system that is inside you. That regardless of the coach, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what the scoreboard says, you believe you can win.”

Belief in one’s self is important in any profession, but in a business as ruthless and unforgiving as the NFL, it is necessary. From the outset of his professional career Brady was looked down on, drafted in the 6th round and benched his rookie year, no one expected him to reach the astonishing heights that he has in the NFL. No one, except Tom Brady. He used the disappointment of being passed over by so many teams and being underrated by all the scouts as fuel that drove him to do whatever it took to prove their assumptions wrong. Athletes without the gift of belief would have fallen victim to these assumptions and let themselves be brought down by them. Brady instead used them to his own benefit and was extraordinarily successful in proving them wrong. Belief is the building block upon which a Pro Mindset is built, and no professional athlete can be successful without it. Tom Brady is one of the ones who believes, and he believes that no matter what the circumstances are, or what people expect of him, he is going to win. This is what sets him apart and it is what has allowed him to find consistent success in the NFL.

To learn more about Craig’s review of Tom Brady’s mindset, click here for the full podcast, or search your favorite podcast platform, including Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, and many more.

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