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Matthew Caldaroni: Identity Shift: See Yourself Where you Want to be

Matthew Caldaroni has built his career on helping professional athletes achieve success through coaching them on the ways to improve their mental resilience. Being a former professional soccer player himself, Caldaroni knows what it takes to make it at the highest level. Caldaroni emphasizes the importance of mental preparedness and confidence in professional athletes and works closely with them to find what personalized methods work best for them to perform at their highest potential. This preparation is both physical and mental. Caldaroni says that performing mental reps and visualizing one's self completing their goals successfully is essential for any professional athlete. His ideas about preparation go hand-in-hand with the ideas of the Pro Mindset®. Preparation is an essential building block of Pro Mindset and is extremely important for athletes to master if they want to succeed at the highest level. Making sure they have curated their mindset and built their confidence through mental reps, are key for any pro. Pro Mindset Podcast host Craig Domann goes in depth with Matthew Caldaroni about his method of resilience training and how he helps his clients on the path to success.

“It's not a matter of getting to the top when you’re at the top, it’s a matter of having to stay there. It’s a matter of having to be the guy day after day.”

There are many issues that an athlete can face when attempting to improve their game. One is constantly evolving and improving themselves. As Matthew Caldaroni emphasizes, it is about finding a way to reach your peak performance level and making sure you have the right mindset to be able to stay there. This ability to attain consistent results at the highest level is the result of strenuous and constant preparation. Without the ability to find the motivation to continue to improve themselves at the highest level, no athlete will stay at the top for long. Caldaroni states that this method of “getting in the zone” isn’t something that starts on game day, it is a continuous process in which athletes must ensure that they are entirely focused on their end goal. This includes finding their purpose and using this purpose to motivate themselves to put in the work that it will take to reach their goals.

“You need to make the bigger purpose happen, why are you there? You need to create a bigger purpose behind everything that needs to be done.”

Purpose is an essential part of any athlete’s Pro Mindset. What is their motivation? Why are they putting in hundreds of hours to find even the most marginal improvement in their game? Any professional athlete must find this purpose for themselves in order to motivated themselves to put in the effort and time that it takes to perform at the highest level. As Caldaroni says, “There needs to be a bigger purpose behind everything that they do.” This is essential to the Pro Mindset because without purpose, an athlete would have no reason to do what it takes to succeed. While purpose varies greatly between each individual person, it is undeniable that identifying your purpose is very important to an athlete’s success.

To hear more of Matthew Caldaroni’s interview, how he trains his clients to have mental resilience, and how to build a Pro Mindset, listen to this Pro Mindset Podcast here:

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