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Jonathan Stahler: Sports Attorney

Jonathan Stahler is an attorney that works with various athletes and entertainers to help them manage their contracts and other legal issues. Stahler says that his background in sports was a major factor in his success in the industry. He has seen firsthand the amount of effort and energy that it takes to perform at the highest level. There are a few things that Stahler believes set people apart when it comes to success, which apply to his career in law as well as his work with professional athletes. The main characteristic that Stahler emphasized is work ethic. In the case of attorneys, everyone has the same experience and degree, but in order to become the best of the best and be the industry standard for performance there is a certain drive that is required to put in the immense number of hours in to reach that success. The same goes for athletes, while two players may have the same physical dimensions and athletic abilities, the player that will find more success is the one who has more determination and desire to be the best. These are perfect examples of one of the aspects of the Pro Mindset Ⓡ, purpose. For any athlete to be successful in such a competitive environment it is absolutely crucial that they are highly motivated to reach their goals. This means that not only are they finding consistency on the field, but they are also putting in the hours off the court in the training room to ensure that they stay at the top of their game. Maintaining this motivation is key to any athlete’s longevity in their sport, and without it it would be nearly impossible for them to find long term success. Jonathan Stahler joins Pro Mindset Podcast host Craig Domann to talk more about his experiences working with professional athletes and the motivation they have that allows them to reach their goals.

“I think it is so critical for athletes, especially when you are coming out as a high draft pick, to surround yourself with the right people. Trust and communication, those I think are the foundations of any successful relationship.”

In this quote Stahler brings up another aspect of the Pro Mindset which is an athlete's lifestyle. As Stahler said, there is a lot of pressure on these highly ranked players to live up to their potential, and it is important that they have trustworthy people around them that are looking out for their best interests so that the athletes can focus on their game. Being a sports attorney Stahler knows that he is not the only option for potential clients, but what he needs to show them is that he has their best interests in mind and will do whatever he can to help them through their career, especially in its early stages.

“What separates you to be the name that gets brought up is that mental toughness, for me it’s the drive, focus, and discipline.”

There are a lot of athletic players that work their way through up to the top of their sport based on physical abilities alone. However, talent can only get you so far. For an athlete to be successful in the long term they need to have the motivation and sense of purpose to put in the extra effort to make sure they maintain their advantage over their competition. Jonathan Stahler has seen this in his clients as well as in his career as an attorney. He knows that in order to be the person that athletes look to as the best option he needs to put in the extra effort and work to make sure he is able to provide his top quality service to them

To hear more of Jonahan Stahler’s interview, how he managed to find success as a sports attorney, and how to build a Pro Mindset, listen to this Pro Mindset Podcast here.

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