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Brock Domann: College QB

On this episode of Pro Mindset® Podcast, Brock Domann, a well-traveled college quarterback and youngest son of podcast host Craig Domann, shares his experiences playing at the collegiate level. He discusses the best attitude for success and the kind of mental frame he has during big games. Brock shares the mindset he had when he played his biggest college game versus the #1 ranked team in the nation. Brock was a 3-time football state champion in high school. He won the Southern California Championship in Juco football and is a former D-1 quarterback who walked away from his college scholarship when he realized it wasn’t a good fit to re-charge his college football career at San Bernardino Valley in Los Angeles. Brock shares his love for football and his perspective on leadership as a quarterback. He talks about how you must be "all-in" or "all-out" when it comes to the game of football and the intense passion you must have to be successful. Brock's viewpoints will inspire you to find your passion, pursue your goals, and develop your own Pro Mindset.

"I think that when big-time games or big-time opportunities come up, you either shrivel up, or you step up and thrive. My whole life, I've just stepped up and thrived."

Brock discusses how he thrives during big games. He reflects on his mindset during the biggest game of his college career when he played the #1 ranked team, Riverside City College. He explains that they deserved to lose because of the disrespect that they showed on the defensive side of the ball. They thought that their guys were better, and they especially doubted Brock as the opposing quarterback. Brock decided to take advantage of the situation and he dotted them up all the way down the field the whole game.

"I just love how you have to be all in or all out. I love it because I'm willing to be all in, and I love knowing that a lot of people aren't and just having that edge of, 'I'm willing to go through more suffering than you are.'"

Brock shares his love for football. He explains that football asks a lot of you, especially as the quarterback. Every moment of each day needs to be dedicated to it. To be successful in football, you must be willing to dedicate all your time and energy. You must be ready for the adversity and hardships that it will bring to you. Brock explains that football “breaks your heart” each season but you still choose to go back to it because of the love you have for it. To be successful, you must have the passion to pursue it with all your heart.

"It's an addicting feeling when you're at rock bottom, and you still have this confidence that you can still achieve everything you want to achieve because you just have that solid belief system in yourself…and no one can take that from you. That's addicting."

When adversity hits, it is your confidence and self-belief that keeps you stable. Brock goes on to explain how hardships can test you and can bring out the belief you have in yourself. Brock talks about how he has had to prove himself and the challenges he has faced during his college career. He explains that the coaches do not "see you the way you see you." You may understand your own strengths and what you are capable of accomplishing, but your coaches do not know that until they see it demonstrated on the field. You must prove yourself and your abilities to show them what you are capable of. Brock learned this lesson when he had to adjust to different coaches, different coaching staff, systems, and different play calls. He had to prove himself and show others the confidence he has in his abilities. The coaches may have heard about your talent and abilities, but they want to see it with their own eyes.

To hear more of the podcast interview with Brock Domann and how he has developed his Pro Mindset, click here!

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