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Drew Pittman: NFL Agent and Author

In this episode of Pro Mindset Podcast, Drew Pittman, NFL agent and author of First Team Dad, shares his perspectives and insight from nearly 30 years spent in the agent business. Drew and Pro Mindset host Craig Domann were business partners for 22 years and shared numerous experiences. In the podcast, Drew talks about his viewpoints of the industry, his outlook on his role, and the Pro Mindset® his clients need to reach success.

Drew shares that there is a misconception that a NFL agent’s job is all about getting huge salaries for their clients. While this certainly a critical part of the job, it is so much more than that for Drew. His primary focus is the excellent opportunity he has to impact the athletes he works with each day and the chance to help young men grow and develop, not only as a player but also as a teammate, husband, and father. He is passionate about the players he works with and their personal development, on and off-the-field. “I care about the player. I care about their career. I care about their family. I care about their post-football career. I understand what things can happen during their career that can either derail them or that they can use as a steppingstone to prove their value in their work to a team.”

Drew wants to be there for his clients through the challenges they face during their careers. He understands that players will not have a “perfect” career, and he knows how to guide them through the ups and downs.

"They don’t have it figured out and we don’t have it figured out. But (through years of experience) we’ve developed systems. By using high character and good morals, we can help players overcome any obstacle.” According to Drew, a player must have the right mindset – a Pro Mindset.

Often, the right mindset is the ability to overcome failure. To elaborate on this point, Drew tells the story of Reggie Swinton. Reggie was cut from the NFL, XFL, Arena League, and NFL Europe. He faced rejection time-after-time but continued to push forward. The Cowboys needed someone to return punts and kicks during a preseason game, and Reggie was offered the opportunity. For Reggie, one preseason game turned into eight years in the League. “It’s the guy that can overcome rejection, failure, and not getting what he wants. The guy who has the ability to not get down on himself. You find the guy that has the “it” factor. The guy that can overcome. The guy that has the work ethic and passion because passion overcomes so much. The old saying goes, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’”

Passion is one of the seven keys to finding your own Pro Mindset. Not only does a player need to have the mindset, courage and perseverance to overcome failure and rejection, but they also need to be passionate about capitalizing on the opportunities placed in their path. As Drew explained during the Pro Mindset Podcast, Reggie took advantage of the window of opportunity while it was open and played himself into a long NFL career.

The mindset needed in order to have an “it’ factor is dedication, belief, and passion to be the best. It is the player who is ready to face adversity, stays patient, works hard, and jumps wholeheartedly into the opportunities that come his way. “It’s being ready to take advantage of the opportunity and staying ready to take advantage of the opportunity. Especially in the NFL, you never know when it’s coming.”

To listen to Craig’s interview of veteran NFL agent and author, Drew Pittman, click here or search your favorite podcast platform, including Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and many more.

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