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NFL Reporter Aaron Wilson: NFL Feats and Busts

In this episode of Pro Mindset® Podcast, Craig Domann continues his interview of Aaron Wilson, former writer for the Baltimore Ravens and current beat writer for the Houston Texans, to discuss his philosophy for building a Super Bowl Champion. Aaron shares what he would look for in a player if he were playing the role of General Manager. He also gives his perspective of several “busts” and “feats,” or the overachieving and underachieving athletes that he has witnessed during his career. Some players have the capability to play on demand while others lose their focus by giving into distractions. Aaron explains that there is a distinct lifestyle difference between the players who reach success and the players that do not.

Aaron begins by explaining the type of player he would look for as a General Manager. This would be a player who has proven himself and who has a positive track record. To elaborate on his point, he uses Tom Brady as an example of a consistent and reliable veteran. “I believe in performance. Let’s look at Tom Brady. Are there more physically talented quarterbacks than Tom Brady? Absolutely. But if I had to win one game, I would pick him. I just believe in what he's done before in big games. I’d give him that chance.” Although there may be many other younger quarterbacks in their prime, Tom Brady would be the right option to choose because of his experience and his history of delivering successful results. He has proven his abilities.

Aaron went on to talk about the first time he met Tom Brady and his first impression. Tom Brady did not have an impressive physique. He looked like an average guy, but he gave off the impression of a nice, intelligent individual. Aaron said that it is always interesting to look back on the first time he meets an individual. “Anytime you meet someone in this business, the first impression is really important. When I'm covering somebody, especially covering for a long time, I think back, and I remember the person and the setting. It’s definitely interesting to see a person’s progression. I think people either get better or they get worse. It’s interesting to watch their story and path unfold.” Athletes make different decisions that influence their career. Aaron has a unique perspective because he can see where those decisions lead them as he covers their story over the years.

Aaron continues to talk about the different “busts” or disappointments during his time covering the Ravens and the Texans. Aaron describes a player who had the talent but did not apply himself. “He had every tool. He was also a tough guy. He was physically tough. However, he wasn't mentally tough, and he did not apply himself enough. He enjoyed himself too much.” According to Aaron, the athlete spent too much time partying and not enough time developing his skills. Even though he had all the physical tools, he was not mature enough to handle his position. As a quarterback it is crucial to maintain your focus and not waste your time. “You can't party too much and be a quarterback. The quarterback has to be the leader.”

Aaron described several “feats” that he has seen during his career. He listed many players that have surpassed their predicted success despite being either undrafted or a very late NFL Draft pick. “I think it’s kind of fun to cover the story of a late rounder or the undrafted. They were the underdogs and people didn't give them a chance.” They chose to grow and develop themselves. They didn’t let other people’s expectation define their potential.

One of the elements of Pro Mindset host Craig Domann’s seven building blocks to a Pro Mindset® is lifestyle. The players’ lifestyle often determined whether they were a “bust” or a “feat.” If they spent too much time partying or focusing on other hobbies, they ended up not living up to their full potential. They disappointed everyone who had confidence in their abilities. However, the players who maintained discipline in their daily lifestyle, were able to surpass the boundaries set before them. In doing so, they found their Pro Mindset and reached their own success.

To listen to Craig’s interview of Aaron Wilson, part 2, click here or search your favorite podcast platform, including Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and many more.

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