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Anthony Trucks: Identity Gap

Anthony Trucks has built a career around helping people discover their identities, and the ways that they can work to capitalize on their identities to improve themselves. Trucks himself has a lot of experience in this area as he has had to reinvent himself many times over the course of his life. Anthony went from playing in the NFL, to running a failing business and nearly losing his family, to reinventing himself as an entrepreneur and finding success in his work as well as his personal life. Trucks credits his perseverance and commitment to self-improvement as the catalysts that allowed him to find this success. He states that normally, and in his case, people need to reach a rock bottom point in order to realize that they need to turn their lives around. Trucks also preaches that it does not need to be this way, and his goal is to empower them to find this control over their lives starting now, so they do not have to experience the hardship of hitting rock bottom. Trucks also speaks a lot on the importance of self-love, his ideas being that if someone doesn’t love themselves, why would they ever put in the effort to help them out or improve their situation? This is a great example of the passion aspect of the Pro Mindset® in a setting outside of sports. Trucks encourages people to have passion in themselves and believes that this will enable them to find the motivation to achieve more for themselves. Anthony Trucks joins Pro Mindset® Podcast host Craig Domann to talk about his methods of discovering identity and his own experiences finding his different passions in life.

“Your identity is who you are on autopilot, how you operate every single day. That autopilot is what creates your life.”

Anthony Trucks believes that in most people there is an “Identity Gap” which is an area of unrecognized potential in each individual. Trucks states that discovering this identity and shaping your life in such a way that allows you to capitalize on your identity is a great way of finding success. When he was in the NFL, Trucks’ passion and focus was football, and he was highly successful at it. However, when he left the NFL Trucks had a very difficult time in which he did not have another passion to fill this gap. Filling this gap is what ultimately turned Trucks’ life around and allowed him to make amends with his family and also start a successful business. While his identity shift does not directly involve sports, Anthony Trucks story is still a great example of how a Pro Mindset can help lead people to success even in the most dire of circumstances. Trucks’ lifestyle and habits had driven him to a place that he no longer wanted to be, so he decided to make a change for himself and work on his passion and belief in himself, and this is what ultimately allowed him to work his way into a lifestyle of success.

“I had to sell out and put this work in. There was no way that my life was going to accidentally get better, it was only going to get better if I put the work in towards it before I knew it was going to work.”

Anthony Trucks has a great story of perseverance through hardship and dedication to improving himself that led him to success in his career. His resilience through his lowest points and his willingness to work on improving his life is a great example of how believing in oneself and committing to self-improvement can pay off. This lesson directly relates to one of the building blocks of the Pro Mindset, training. While Trucks was not specifically training for a game or to get stronger for a sport, he was still training himself on how to become a better person and improve his situation. Trucks says he believes that the key to this self-improvement is through micro actions, small everyday improvements that anyone can implement to gradually improve themselves and their lifestyles over time. Eventually these micro actions start building towards bigger results, and as Trucks says, this is how he was able to turn his life around. His story of personal improvement and an unwillingness to give in to his circumstances is a great example for anyone looking to improve their own personal mindset.

To hear more of Anthony Trucks’ interview, how he coaches people on discovering their “identity gap” and how to build a Pro Mindset, listen here.

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