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About Pro Mindset

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Veteran NFL Agent Craig Domann has represented hundreds of NFL players and learned through their experiences what it takes to have a successful NFL career. Most scouts believe that physical traits like height, weight, speed, and overall athleticism are what makes an elite athlete, Craig would add, “Not quite. Pro Mindset characteristics like belief, passion, winning habits, and lifestyle, just to name a few, are just as important in the makeup of a professional football player and any elite athlete. Numerous Pro Bowl and veteran NFL players were undrafted when they began their NFL career. Players like Ryan Lilja, Brock Gutierrez, and Domata Peko have had long fruitful careers despite being undrafted or low round draft picks. These players did not have the athletic gifts that some other players had, yet, they had extremely successful careers. The reason for this is best explained in Craig Domann’s Pro Mindset.  His message outlines the 7 building blocks of a successful NFL career.

The 7 Building Blocks of a Pro Mindset® are belief, passion, motivation, training, lifestyle, habits and performance. 

None of these building blocks have to do with pure athleticism or God-given talent. They all incorporate a mindset that is needed in order to succeed and prosper. The lifestyle you choose to live, how you prepare, and how you train are all factors in success but yet have nothing to do with on-field performance. Believing in yourself, having passion for what you do, and having motivation to work for what you want to do does not directly result in touchdowns, yet, it is just as important. 

Through Craig’s 25+ years as a NFL agent, he’s learned from his clients and their experiences. Anyone can apply these 7 building blocks and be prosperous in their personal and professional lives whether it is in sports, business, or any profession. You can check out Pro Mindset Podcast at or on any podcast streaming service. You can also follow Pro Mindset Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle @promindsetpodcast.

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